VBAC Coaching

Pregnant women who've experienced a prior cesarean deserve special attention if they're planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). It's common for women to have questions such as these:

  • Is VBAC a safe option?

  • How do I find a "VBAC friendly" doctor or midwife?

  • Which local hospitals have the highest VBAC success rates?

  • Will I need to be hooked up to a continuous electronic fetal monitor while laboring?

  • What happens if my labor stalls? Is it safe to use Pitocin?

  • Is labor induction an option for VBAC moms?

  • HELP! I'm being pressured to schedule a repeat cesarean section (RCS)! What can I do?

  • How do I talk to my friends and family about attempting a VBAC?


If you are pregnant and considering a VBAC, Rebecca would love to speak with you!  Whether it be listening to your fears, helping to answer your questions, helping you talk to family members or friends, assisting you in writing a birth plan (or multiple birth plans!), or supporting you in your birth place as your labor doula...

Rebecca is passionate about helping moms achieve their VBAC goals. Rebecca says "Some of my most treasured moments as a doula have been attending VBAC's...there's really nothing like the expression on a woman's face when she's holding her slippery, wet, baby she just pushed out of her after she had believed her body to have been broken or incapable..."

We are so grateful to Rebecca Urban for being our doula. She helped us welcome into the world our second child who was delivered VBAC in a hospital setting. Rebecca is dedicated, patient, and supportive. She stayed with us through a very long labor helping us to avoid all pain medication. We utillized natural pain relief techniques such as showers, movement, and pressure on the back. I can not encourage couples enough to find a wonderful doula to assist them through labor. Rebecca’s knowledge of birth, and faith in my ability to birth naturally gave me the courage I needed to avoid a second c-section. Thank you Rebecca for your hardwork!
— Sarah Garrepy

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